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Scoreline Viewer


If you are a scoreline viewer, there is no need to register. First select the State you want to look at from the map or the list of states on the main Scoreline page. Most States will have several Leagues or High School categories listed in the main frame. Select the league you want to view.  Once the league is selected, the left side will list the age groups and divisions for that league.   Each of these age/division groups are links to the teams within that group.   

Changes to scoreline are noted based on the age of the change.  "New" icons are color coded.   Red for data which is less than 4 hours old, Blue for information that has changed within the last 24 hours and Green for information that has changed within the last week.  Once a group is more than a week old, no icon is shown with the data.

LeagueP1.gif (113088 bytes)


When your selection has been made, the Left hand (green) window will change to show you several options.  This is the "Team" menu level.  From this menu, you can add games, view games by date, jump to each of the higher levels within scoreline or view each team's schedule, scores and results.

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ADD GAMES:  Adding games is usually done by the league's scheduler, however you may need to add games that your team schedules during the regualar season.     There are two add game commands.   First the ADD ONE GAME command allows you to add a single game.  The ADD MANY GAMES allows for the addition of an entire schedule for a single team.  For both the ad game commands, teams must already exist.

You can "View Changes" made in the last Hour, the same Day, or in the last Week by clicking on the word of your choice.  This view will allow you to view all the games within the selected age group.   These command are very useful for "catching up" on what has happened since you last visited scoreline. 

As a viewer you can not add games, so the option of adding one or many games does not apply.  However, should you find the need to add a game, you will need to use these commands.

The boxes under "Link/Refresh" give you the option to go to the screen at the beginning of the League you are viewing, Back to the beginning of the League, or back to where you originally started this scoreline session.

You can select a Team from those listed in the left frame.  The left frame will remain, but the right frame will update with the selected team.

TeamDisplayP3.gif (65686 bytes)

The team view shows the league, age group and the entire schedule for the selected team.   Each game is listed in one row of the table.  The columns of the table provide the following information.   Games are listed by date, from the beginning of the season to the final game.

Each of these same fields are also hyperlinks for related commands.   Information about what each command does is provided in the header and at the bottom of the table.   The hyperlinks perform the following tasks:


The picture below shows the display that is presented that provides a game report.

ReportP4.gif (111919 bytes)