Scoreline Scheduler

As a Scoreline Scheduler, you will be able to submit an entire league schedule in a file attachment to an email message. Once the schedule is posted on scoreline, you will be able to replace the entire schedule or individual divisions using the same method. Changes to individual games can be made easily online.

As a Scheduler you can also post a message that will be seen by everyone who visits your League Page by sending a simple email in the proper format. This message will enable you to alert visitors of changes or updates to schedules or results as soon as they arrive at the Web Page.

EXCELL.gif (56135 bytes)

The screen above shows a file that if sent to the scoreline computer would add the games listed into the appropriate age group.  The password would be checked against the one assigned to the league so that only people with that password could add games via this method.   This is usually just the SCHEDULER.   

The SCHEDULER can also make other changes to the system.  For example the SCHEDULER can make the schedules unviewable without a special password.  This allows them to edit the schedules on the web and allow selected people to view the schedule before it is finally published.   

Once the schedule is reviewed the SCHEDULER can send a command that will open the schedule for viewing by all.  There are several different levels of access that are also controllable by the SCHEDULER.  The game time and dates can be locked so that only REPORTERS that the SCHEDULER selects can change the DATE, TIME and FIELD.   In fact, all games can be made only editable by selected REPORTERS.

The SCHEDULER can be a REPORTER too, so if it is the responsibility of the SCHEDULER to be the only person to update games and/or scores the SCHEDULER can make only his individual REPORTER the only one that can edit.

When the system changes state, or just when special information is needs to be published, the front page of each web site

The commands that are available are: 

  1. Enter the SCHEDULER password (PASSWORD)
  3. Require Password to view schedules (VIEWPROTECT)
  4. Open schedules for public viewing (VIEWOPEN)
  5. Make game time, date and field only editiable by selected REPORTERS (TIMELOCK)
  6. Make game time, date and field editable by all REPORTERS (TIMEEDIT)
  7. Make all games editable by any valid reporter (EDITOPEN)
  8. Add a REPORTER to the list of schedule reviewers (REPORTER)
  9. Create a message for everybody to read on the front page of the schedule (HTML_MESSAGE_START/HTML_MESSAGE_END)
  10. Delete an age group or all games in the league (DELETE)

Scoreline is built to change its state according to your commands during the entire scheduling process and during the entire season.

Here is an example of the full range steps that are possible during the preseason and regular season.

Put a message up using HTML_MESSAGE_START indicating that the schedules are in review and will be posted on X date.

VIEWPROTECT the schedules so that only people you select can review the schedules before they are published

Add games via email.  DELETE via email if you need to reload the schedule 

At this point only people with the password that you created are able to see the schedules!


              Post a message using HTML_MESSAGE_START that the schedules are now posted but uneditable.

Set to TIMELOCK so that scores can be added but game TIME, DATE and FIELD can only be edited by REPORTERS that you select

Send a REPORTER command for each REPORTER that you want to allow (if any) to be able to change date and time)

Now everybody can see the schedule and add scores (there is a way to make it so only people you select can enter scores too)   Since the date and time are locked, everybody now has a chance to read the schedules, make copies and make sure all their players have copies.  Everybody can go directly to scoreline to see them or they can be printed and dispersed by the league, club and/or coaches.

During this period you would want to make the scores editable but make the game time, date and location only changeable by people you selected as special reporters, perhaps just yourself.  This makes sure that everybody gets the official schedule.  Usually after that period, the scheduler can open the system up and allow the coaches or league officials to manage the system.  This is your option.

Here you have several choices, you can make the schedules editable only by a few or you can open it up and allow any reporter to edit a game.   

This all depends on your league.  If your coaches have a process for changing games that makes sure they contact the other coach, the ref-assignor and the field assignor, you might allow the REPORTERS to change the schedule.  Since everybody already has a schedule and if all changes are tracked by REPORTERs abuse is very minimal.  There are also reminders in the game edit that tell the coach that they MUST coordinate the game change.  Usually this is enough.

The other way is to simply leave the game time and place only changeable by the REPORTERS you select.  This is the way we suggest.  We you realize the amount of effort to keep it all in tack and compare it to seasons where there were only paper schedules, you will begin to realize several things.  Mostly that it is easier to allow people to have a method of changing games and times and have it posted quickly on the web so that everybody can be made aware of it versus the accidental changes that always seem to be made that someone is not made aware of. 

Still its the SCHEDULER's choice, scoreline will work with your requirements!

Any time during the season, the SCHEDULER can change the message that is on the front page.  This is a GREAT way to get information out to your league!   Since it is impossible to BOOKMARK a team schedule, users must always come in directly via the main page.  That is where the message is posted.