Scoreline Reporter



A Scoreline Reporter is also  a Scoreline Viewer.    Read about viewing scoreline information before continuing.

It is easy to become a scoreline reporter. The very first time you try to add or change a game, scoreline will ask you to register. After filling out the registrsations form, you will have to wait a few minutes for am email message from scoreline to the email address you provide when you register. That email will have the entry code you will need to become a registered scoreline reporter. After the first time , you will only need a password you choose yourself. After that, the first time in each scoreline session that you decide to add or change a game, you will be prompted by scoreline to provide your User ID and Password. You will be able to make as many changes during that session as you like without being required to re-enter the User ID and Password.

RegisterP5.gif (140274 bytes)

If you have not registered before, select the Register Button.  Complete the following form and submit it.   The scoreline processor will send you email.

RegistrationP6.gif (117404 bytes)

When the email arrives, go to the selected link.  The link will provide the form below.  Enter your new Username, Password and Registration ID.   The Registration ID is first provided in the email message.   This method is required to assure that you are using a valid email address.  We require a valid email to assure responsible use of scoreline.   We also use it to contact you to verify data that seems incorrect.

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