Soccer League Scheduling / Posting

SCORELINE.NET is ready for NEXT SEASON!  at will include:

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How it works.

After registering your league with SCORELINE.NET you create your season's schedules.

You format your schedules in a simple format and email them to a SCORELINE.NET. SCORELINE.NET automatically accepts the schedules and formats them on your web page. Schedules are formatted into age, divisions (classic, recreation, club) and sex.

Updates to the schedules are a simple as resending the email with the changes made. Each league is also able to create a viewable by all that visit the address. (or have it embedded in your existing web site)

You can also control who sees the schedules. This allows you to post the schedules for internal review before going public. That means that you can have a password assigned that will be required to see the schedules. Give them the special password to get in.

Once schedules are complete coaches and parents can find their team's schedules on your URL. But SCORELINE'S job is not done!

Coaches, parents or players can register to be "score reporters" for their favorite team! After each game a registered reporter can select the game and enter the games score and a short report on the results of the game. Others can view those reports and others to see how all your teams are doing. (You can also control who is allowed to post if you desire.)

So Register today! Be one of the first to get the free offer!

Yes, I am interested in scheduleing our current or next season. We want to take advantage of the FREE offer at SCORELINE.NET.  Please contact me about this free offer!

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